For those who criticise my stance, that homebrew is something to which we should all aspire in order to keep up the true spirit of amateur radio, should merely think of the capacitance meter, transistor tester and chinese copy of a vibroplex completed by me in the past 3 years.

However, amateur radio has taken a back seat on the homebrew front in recent years; whereas the

16mm garden railway is full of my homebrewed creations, including a train lift to lower the trains from the steaming area down to the main track. (The frame of the lift being made from 8 of the 10 3-foot screw-in sections from my Larkspur aerial mast; a bad decision in hindsight)

I am considering getting my (amateur radio) own back on the railway by wiring the layout as a counterpoise system.

Radio does feature on the railway, in a combination of 27MHz, 49MHz and

2G4HZ control systems.

Any more railway nuts reading this NG?

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Which NG? You've posted this to two, one of which is uk.rec.models.rail which, almost by definition, is read by railway nuts.

Best wishes

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Jane Sullivan

Ah, touche!

I only appended uk.rec.models.rail as an afterthought.

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