Homebrew abrasive blaster?

I'm considering building a sand blast gun and wonder if anyone has ever done
it. Any tips appreciated. I'm turning a 55 gallon drum into a blasting
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Yep, done this a while back and its been one great piece of equipment in my small home shop. I origianllly used a cheap import gun and pickup tube, but have since bought and installed a Tip Tools gun and tube, and the performance has increased dramtically.
Those PVC toilet bowl flanges used to munt a toiltet to a floor are just about right for flanges to mount your goves on in the cabinet if you don't have to big of hands. You could always rollem out of sheet metal as well. I have some pics and some notes on mine on my website on the Projects PAge. Visit my website:
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Done one in a 55 gallon drum and it worked well for what it was. Gun was modified from a one with a can underneath to a pipe pickup from the bottom of the drum. I fitted a conical collector at the bottom to catch the sand. I had some problem with pulsing of sand that didn't get resolved before the cabinet was retired. Window was from a van back door. Needed some sort of protection as it got frosted in use. Ultimately it got replaced with a booth 8ft wide x 3ft deep x 4ft high. I needed to do a 6 ft car wing and other things. This had 4 hand ports with elasticated cuffs. You put your gloved hands into these and they sealed well. When not in use they hung done and stopped dust coming back out. The window was about 2ft pallet wrapping film held on with magnetic strip. The film was cheap and easily replaced but did take a static charge and so some dust stuck to it. On a small booth maybe use a glass window but put film over it to stop the grit. If you can get it at a good price I have seen a professional booth with a glass window and very fine wire mesh to stop the grit. You would not have known the mesh was there unless you focused on it as it was that fine. this current big booth is collapsible as well so takes up about 8ft x 3ft x 6 inch when not in use. The gun was from the original booth but after extended use the steel nozzle wore away. I have a new gun with carbide nozzle but haven't needed the booth since so its not been fitted.
Roger Hull wrote:
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Yes, I bought one of TP Tools' cabinet kits for my "homebrew" and used it for several years... more recently I bought one of their complete cabinet blasters (vast improvement loading, changing media, and viewing parts while blasting):
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