Fun topic - Communicating robot status with music (sound)

Hey all,
I have just finished coding the ability to play asynchronous music on
my robot, and was considering having it communicate it's internal state
to the user by playing different songs. Here is the list that I have
come up with so far:
1. Happy
"If you're happy and you know it"
2. Sad
"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen"
3. Afraid
"Whistle a happy tune"
4. Bored - triggered by lack of changes in sensor readings
"I'm bringing Home a baby bumblebee"
"Theme from Jeopardy"
5. Tired - triggered by low light levels at CDS cell
"Rockabye Baby"
Brahms Lullaby
6. Hungry - triggered by low battery
"My Bologna has a first name..."
"Food, Glorious food"
Anyone have any other ideas for states or songs that might be cute,
funny or informative?
P.S. If anyone is interested in non-blocking function timers or
asynchronous music in AVRGCC, let me know and I'll post the code.
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Maybe it doesn't match with the original topic, but one the projects in my infinite project list (and much likely improbable) is to implement automatic doors in my home, but not a regular "star wars" or "star treck" doors thas "swooosh" when they open. I'd like the door to greet me in cheerful-but-annoying sounds just like the doors of the "Heart of Gold"
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How about 'Marcia Funebre' (from Eroica) for when the power is exhausted? 'Wheels in Motion' (Jimmy Barnes) for when it's drivin' "Ooops I did it Again' for a collision . "Wake me up before you go-go" for power on, (actually, your robot might survive longer if you use any song with a similar theme *not* written by Wham!)
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Tim Polmear
What no danger music ?
Could have Jaws theme . or lost in space ? Or Jaws as attack music ?
I'd be interested in asynchronous music.
For the board that gets used for Digital systems subjects (pic + cpld) we use
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one of our test programs. Starwars theme songs / simpsons etc
The computer systems subjects use pic and cpld and coldfire for another.
Where as the mechatronics guys use AVRs. Only just migrated from at90s8535 to Atmega8535. For some reason they have an aversion to using avr gcc /
win avr.
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Alex Gibson
The Jaws theme is a great idea. This robot (Flik is his name) is sized for micro-sumo, so it would be fun to play "Jaws" while he hunts his opponent.
My girls would get a kick out of hearing him play "Oops, I did it again"
I am currently using the six-note "Charge!" for power on, but I just guessed, and I know it's not right. If anyone knows the actual notes for that, could you let me know?
I will clean up the code and post it on my website below, probably over the weekend. I have found the non-blocking timers very useful. All it takes is an call to InitTimers() and then you can set any function ,like blink(), to execute after a given time, eg. SetTimer(1000,blink). The music is done by adding notes to a queue, QueueNote(A6,QUARTER), and then a function called DequeueNote() pulls a note off the queue and sets a timer to call itself again when the note is over. Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'll try to make it clearer in the code when I post it.
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G6-C7-E7-G7-E7-G7 and hit the high C for the Charge finish! It's simply an appregio on the 2nd inversion of a C chord :D of course you could pick any other key too if C doesnt suit your fancy.
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Chris Fairles

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