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I'm sure you get this type question a lot, but I searched for a while
and didn't find exactly what I was looking for.
I'm a programmer, but know very little of low level hardware and
robtics. I want to be able to communicate with servos and motors from
my PC and more importantly I would like to be able to progra sometype
of device/board that would control the motor and servos. Taking things
in baby steps is my self-recommeded method. So my question is where
shoud I get started. Should I purchase some some motors and servos and
if so any suggestions on where to look. I know C++ and C# so are there
any good compliers that would work for something like this or simulate
something like this.
I apologize if my questions do not make much sense I really do not
know the concept of how these parts work together and are integrated.
Thanks for any advice and some good starting points.
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Electronics experience?
There are so many to choose from. I agree with baby steps though.
Is C a requirement? A professional C can get expensive, though I hear good things about the public domain C's that are available.
Do a google search in this group for beginner help, and you will come up with a lot of hits, i'll wager.
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If you want to get started by making some servos move as desired, I've got a page below showing how to make a simple servo contol setup. You would need to do some soldering unless you buy some premade stuff. I'm not a programmer, so I rely on batch files and notepad, along with the apache web server providing a contro gui as needed. About as simple as it gets.
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Si Ballenger

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