Human Behavior Modeling with Ego-conception

Our laboratory is engaged into studying of behavioral mechanisms of human psychics, the principles of motivational hierarchy formation and its functional apparatus. The main goal of our work is building a self-governing system able not only to response external stimuli like a live thing does, but also adapting its needs and goals to its own functional abilities and environment. In order to realize this task we had to develop a new element in the AI domain - the function of intentionality. After the integration of this element with the control system we had built the Ego-conception apparatus (for more detailed explanation see the Theoretical Base chapter). Without intentionality any attempts to build an adequate model would be just a commonplace realization of the SR-algorithm which has an explicitly and rigidly defined set of the model's needs (aims). Thus, the solution search algorithms realized in our system are merely instrumental and subsidiary. The leading role is charged to the logical block of individual goals (aims) that controls the needs evolution and monitors the aim hierarchy formation (motivational structure) of the subject under modeling.

During realization of this task we have developed a unique technology of motive formation. And on the base of this technology some instrumental software has been built. This software can be demanded:

1=2E Artificial Intelligence research and development; 2=2E behavioral processes and adaptation studying; 3=2E developers of the Artifical Personality with elements of intentionality in behavior (academical investigations and applied research, for example - in entertainment industry and robotics-building); 4=2E sociologists and HR-managers (interpersonality transactions, conflict management, etc).

More detailed information about the Melos system and the application software you can find at the following address: english page:

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russian page:
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You can request appropriate documents via email We will be glad to answer your questions. Also you can download this presentation from our site: english:
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At present moment the Melos system is a unique technological know-how that has no analogues in the market of application software nor in academical works. Besides the evolution and perfection of the Melos system are going on. The system's features are not bounded to the list mentioned above. Having approved their functionality from the first experiments our instrument will be interesting for commercial or scientific use as for: a) realization realization of behavioral algorithms as engine-modules (category embedded-software); b) building a complex of all-sufficient software (category socio-psychological instruments); c) transfer the complete Melos technology, source code and all documents =ABin toto=BB. Furthermore our workgroup appreciates any proposition of collaboration

- especially oriented to the further development and evolution of the Melos system.

We hope that this material will be interesting for the people involved into studying of the cognitive psychology and into Artificial Intelligence investigations. We are looking forward to share the result of our research and development (which is the foremost technology in this area) with all people involved into the business of the Artificial Personality building and human behavior modeling.

Melos project leader, Valentin I. Lokhonya

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