metal lego gears

I'm building a lego mechanism in which the gears experiences a high
amount of force. I've split several 16-tooth gears, and I'm interested
replacing the standard lego gears with metal. Has anyone heard of
somewhere I can purchase metal replacement gears? Or alternatively has
someone done this themselves (not necessarily with metal) who could
help me out?
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Maybe using multiple gears in parallel would help.
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Mitch Berkson
You may want to pose this question to the Lugnet Site, its a Lego related site:
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would be great to get lego bricks, axles, and gears cast in aluminum or make them from steel.. My first robot arm was lego gripper, and I broke a few gears (they were in "parallel"), and I took the gripper apart.
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Has some ideas on how to strengthen lego with metal and getting a very nice result.
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You could make some gears yourself out of "alumilite". I think it'd be at least stronger than plastic.
I heard of it through the atlanta hobby robot club.
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Buddy Smith
: You could make some gears yourself out of "alumilite". I think it'd be : at least stronger than plastic. --Despite the allusion to strength in the name there isn't any metal in Alumilite. OTOH it *is* really neat stuff: it's a 2-part liquid that, when combined, sets into hard plastic in about 3 to 5 minutes. Generates a lot of heat while doing so, so don't make molds from anything that's likely to melt or fall apart. It's very useful for making small solid objects, but I've never tried to use it to make things like gears with teeth. Well worth getting some, tho, just to do the experiment; you'll think of a lot of uses for the stuff.
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