motion tracking

I have done some successful motion tracking with a pan/tilt camera
connected to a PC, but only tracking objects of a specific colour, i.e.
following a red ball.
I have also done movement detection using a fixed camera, detecting any
type of object moving.
What I'd like to do, it to combine the two, i.e. movement detection,
then tracking with a pan tilt camera of any target.
The main problem is keeping the target identified as the camera moves to
track it, because as the camera moves, the software detects the entire
picture changing.
Perhaps a way to do it, is to grab two frames at a high shutter speed
and a close interval and attempt to re-map the background images - i.e.
re-align the two pictures and then compare for the movement of the
target. Because I know how far the camera has moved between frames, i
can re-align the images...
Originally, I tried stopping the camera, monitoring to motion then
moving the camera to zero in on the motion, then stopping again. This
was to stop the motion detection software getting confused by the
movement of the camera itself. The results were poor.
Maybe a better approach is to identify the target while the camera is
stationary and then look for a similar pixel pattern in each frame to
try and find the target again. Trouble is, targets that move toward or
away from the camera would be difficult to track, as would targets that
change shape of colour as they move.
Any ideas on doing this, or does it require a massive amount of
processing to do this kind of thing?
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Richard Markham
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Why don't you take two frames, subtract them and then move the camera? Then repeat. The background will subtract out and you can point the camera at the centroid of the non-zero pixels.
Mitch Berkson
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Mitch Berkson
Um, yeah. But isn't his whole question how to implement step 4?
Mitch Berkson
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Mitch Berkson
It sounds like he already has step 4 completed. The issue is he needs to stop movement of the camera. and take a new reference image before detecting motion again.
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Shawn Brown
OK. Could be.
Mitch Berkson
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Mitch Berkson

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