Non-contact infrared thermometer for hobbiest

From where can I obtain sensor to build a non-contact infrared thermometer ?
(I know I can buy a ready to use hand held non-contact infrared
thermometers, but I m electroics and robitics hobbiest. I want to build one
my self just for fun)
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Here is an 8x1 sensor, there is a single unit sensor too. You may need a special lens to make it work long distances. do a seach for "pyro sensor 8x1"
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Yoalsen wrote:
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Nice find, but a small note. A thermopile is not pyroelectric. The latter describes a sensor than uses the principles of pyroelectricity to detect *changes* in heat. Thermopile elements can sense infrared energy directly.
I got a thermopile element out of a $30 handheld infrared thermometer. Waiting for time to hack it...
Hadn't realized Gerry worked up this sensor. Looks like he's been busy lately.
-- Gordon
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Gordon McComb
Knock yourself out if you want to, but I just bought my point and shoot non contact thermometer from the local automotive store for $50 to help me insulate my garage by finding hot and cold spots as well as troubleshoot car motors. It has a laser pointer and works on the 8 to 1 basis that the circle it measures is 1/8 the distance from the thermometer gun. So if I point it at something 8 inches away, it gives me an average of the temp of a one inch circle. If I point it at an object 8 feet away, it gives me the average of a one foot circle pointed at by the laser. Shows F or C.
But hey, reinventing the wheel has been done before and if you have a lot of time on your hands..........
Good luck.
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