PIC 16F84 and Milford LCD with PBK Board

I am very new to electronics and the PIC. I have managed to get my
16F84 controlling some servos in response to a SRF04 ultrasonic range
I now want to display the distance on the LCD. It is a 16 Chr 2 line
display. It has a +5, Ground and 1 serial pin.
I can not find anything on the internet showing me how to link this to
my pic or any reference as to what commands in PICBASIC I should use.
I think I need to use the serout or lcdout commands but don't know if
I need another component between the PIC and the display. I keep
reading about MAX232 chips.
Could someone be kind enough to explain in beginner's terms how I
connect the LCD to my 16F84 and what PICBASIC PRO commands I need to
send data to it?
Very many thanks
Simon Carr
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Simon, It should be pretty Easy. I also use the PicBasic Pro compiler. When I want to find an Answer to a question like yours, what I usually do is look for BASIC STAMP 2 examples, those are plenty, and you do have to make slight modifications to the program as well as the circuit, but it will always lead you in the right direction. Now to answer your question, I have hooked up serial LCDs to 16F84s plenty without a MAX chip. You'll be wanting to use the SEROUT command, as the LCDOUT command is for Parallel LCD interfacing. The serial LCD uses only 1 pin of the 16f84, while the Parallel LCD uses 8 I believe. The exact code depends on the Baud Rate (Speed) of your LCD, As well as a couple of other properties of the LCD itself. So post up the Part# or Model# of the LCD and well see what's up. In the end though your code is going to look something like this: SEROUT 3, 2, SonarDataVariable SEROUT Pin,Mode,[Item{,Item...}]
Hope this helped some, get the LCD model # up, and let us know if ya made progress.
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Rick Cassidy
We have several projects with PicBasic Pro sample code & schematics here
formatting link
Servo control, IR navigation, object detection/navigation with the SRF04, CDS photocells, remote control, etc,,
Hope this helps.
-Bruce snipped-for-privacy@rentron.com
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Thanks for the replies. I now have it working. I did have everything setup correct but found out that I had the jumper set for the wrong baud rate on the PBK board.
Thanks again
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