PINO-DX - Anyone Still Playing With?

Hardly anything on the net for Pino-DX. His a bit old now and is not
really a good mover.
However I'd be interested in chatting to others who still have an
interest in the little fellow.
I am thinking about moding in a very practical way my PINO - yes an
eBay reject :o))
Mostly to remove a few annoyances like reducing the volume of the
speaker, add rechargeable batteries & socket as well as trying to get
around the brain drain on removal of batteries syndrome..
Thought I'd also have a go at fitting a wireless camera inside
although as PINO is pretty poor at mobility I might leave the camera
until I see a better robot I like.
Also aesthetically I was thinking about sculpting a (latex) robot face
for him and placing it behind a clear visor. (This could even become
articulated by replacing the LEDs inside with some micro solenoids and
a simple amp circuit...)
For mobility his leg movements could probably be improved in some way
or I'm sure a simple method could be found to replace leg movement
with control of a skateboard :).. but maybe that's a bit adventurous.
So.. is anyone else still playing with their Pino?
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My Pino is just waiting for a good hack project ...
-- R --
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Mine is in the same state... just hanging around looking sad while I work on other things.
Anyone here have a manual for it? I picked mine up in Japan and have long since lost the instructions that came with it.
Aaron (contactable at amramsey at that google email place)
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