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....what I'm looking > for is a sensor that will detect an *explosive* mixture (probably butane > concentration in air), which is a little more precise in terms of > proportions of impurities in the air. Can anyone suggest a source > for a sensor that can do this?
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Airy R Bean
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I don't even want to know how you tested the sensor from Sharper Image.

Anyway, do a search for "gas leak detector" (try with and without the quotes). You'll get plenty of ready-made products, but also a number of hits to component-level sensors. Several are for a variety of cumbustible gasses, with and without odorizers.

Also look up the UEI CD100A, a low-cost consumer-level detector unit. Maybe you can hack into it.

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Talk to a local utility that does any kind of underground vault work (electric, gas, water, cable) They will typically have a guy that calibrates their units and tests them regularly. A few kind words may get you an unofficial test run.

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