Re: Marvin Minsky 'blasts' AI research in Wired

| With respect to the quotes below, I was going to reply to your post
| saying "Ah, you are making it up" but a second later I thought that
| trigonometric operations may indeed be suggestive of arithmetics on
| real numbers.
| Could you please explain in more detail? I need more data to decide
| your claim is valid.
| > It's easy to do such because everything can be stated via simple
| > Trigonometry within such a 3-D set of real numbers. [An Homage to
| > Decartes.] Just calculate relative-distances, and animate in
| > with the physically-real energy-flow that is WDB2T.
| >
| > The 'problem' with respect to doing this in a machine, of course,
| > that a machine implementation has to do it in an 'idealized' way,
| > a machine that's founded in 'parcelization' cannot, and never
| > do such in any way that approaches the information-processing
| > of nervous systems, be-cause nervous systems just do it
| > :-]
| >
| > | For a continuous model
| > | of computation to be "true" however and
| > | not just a theoretical exercise, we should
| > | be able to perform arithmetic operations
| > | on real numbers in the physical system
| > | of computation. Is that possible? (I know
| > | modern physics mainly through popular
| > | science articles so please be gentle)
| >
| > As immediately-above - simple 3-D Trigonometry.
| !!!
| how so?
| Cheers,
| __
| Eray Ozkural
Hi Eray,
It's easiest to start with simple cases.
I'll follow-up with a little Qbasic program.
[Gotta dig it out of its archive.]
Until I find it, if you read this before I do,
ponder that 3-D Trigonometry does Map
3-D Continuity from any point to Infinity
[seems so 'common-sensical' as to be a,
"So what?", but there exists True-Wonder
stuff in-there.]
Cheers, ken [K. P. Collins]
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