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Howdy all. I was rooting through a box of old/misc electronics stuff, and I came across an old Gameboy Pocket that I had forgotten about. I turned it on, it i disassembled it, scrounging for parts for random projects that might strike me.

The one part that most stuck out at me was the LCD screen. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any information on it. It's manufactured by Sharp, is 160x144 at 4 shades of grey. There are several part codes on it, "Sharp LH507781", on a small flexi-board attached to the top, "Sharp LH5076E" on a small flexi-board attached to the back (but folds over to connect to the rows). It has a flexible plastic-sheet

18 pin connector.

If anyone has any information regarding this part, please lemme know! I'd love to use this thing!


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I have found the following links to sites about the Gameboy in my favourites archive. I believe that the first two shoul be able to help you.

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regards Peter
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Peter F. Jørgensen

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