SIMON, the humanoid robot


I would like to introduce my humanoid robot to you.

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Main characters of SIMON - Number of freedom is 32 (24 are controlled by PIC) - Height: 115 cm - Weight : 6 kg (without embedded computer, accu and plastic cover) - Robotmovement with genetic algorythm - Motionplanning - Speech generation , speech recognizing - Image processing of two cameras - 3D space, generated by robot - Artifical intelligent (Holding the balance of the robot, it's been worked in simulation)

Video is coming soon.........

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Looks neat! Can you post some details about how you fabricated it? It looks like the joints are using servos, but you've attached some custom gear trains... how did you make those? And are those custom brackets? A newbie like me could really learn from you on these things.

What are the other 8 controlled by?

What plastic cover? I didn't see any such in your pictures.

Also, over a meter tall is neat in a world where most humanoid robots are less than half that. You should post a picture of him standing next to you (or better yet, next to a child about a meter tall).

Actually, now that I mention it, you haven't posted any pictures of him standing at all. Is it not doing that yet?

What sort of speech recognition can it do?

What sort of image processing? Does it compute true stereo, or follow colors, or what?

Can it hold its balance in real life as well?

I look forward to it. Thanks for posting this!


- Joe

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Joe Strout

Ditto Joe Strout's questions and comments....


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Wayne Lundberg


That's true. Joints are made of pair of servos. There are modified servos,with endless rotation. The limits is the potmeter, and plastic gears(orange). I bought them in a toy shop. But some of these gairs I cast in plastic. I also cast the wheels of belt, that join the servo with joint. I give you more information with pleasure.

Some of freedom has not controll system(servo). For example the ankle. In the picture there are not in place the springs, from that less fluctuate in ankle. That's why I did not make robot to standing. Three fingers are controlled with only one servo. One finger can moving in three places, because it has got four parts.

Unfortunately the plastic cover is not very well. It's heavy and not so fully.....

The speech recognition is based on neural networks. I separate the voice in spektrum. I could not have created from it real words yet.

The image processing is true 3d generation. Where there is colour diferent, this points is looked for two picture and with stereo algorithm I place it in 3d space.

Unfortunately not yet.



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