SpeakJet - a few sample test programs

My SpeakJet arrived the other day and I've been having great fun
playing with it. I am quite impressed with its sound capability. Not
only does it do all the usual "phonemes" for producing speech, but it
also includes 50 different beeps, whistles, r2d2 -like tones, and
grunt-like sounds. Combine those with all the variations that can be
set with 'speed', 'pitch', and 'bend', and there are many many
thousands of sound variations one could produce.
For a very basic test program demonstrating it's use with my MAVRIC /
MAVRIC-II boards, see:
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For a more complete, interactive program, see:
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The latter incorporates all the SpeakJet phoneme mnuemonics in memory,
as well as a brief description of each for easy reference while
experimenting (one of the nice benefits of a large FLASH memory).
Incorporating the phoneme data in FLASH is handy since it lets you
experiment using phoneme mneumonics instead of having to use the raw
numeric data codes. For example, to say "ready", you would use:
>> rr eh de iy
Instead of:
>> 148 131 174 128
But my sample program accepts both, and the above two sequences
produce the same output.
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Brian Dean
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Nice work, Brian.
Yea, SpeakJets are a blast. They are popular too. I was totally sold out in the first week. Had to wait a week to get more.
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Kenneth Lemieux
Yep - I was too late in ordering and had to wait for the second batch. Even so, you shipped very quickly so I didn't have to wait too long :-) Much appreciated!
Thanks to you, I also got one of the SPO256. I guess I'll now need to figure out how to use that in something. So many projects, so little time :-)
Cheers, -Brian
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Brian Dean
Can these chips produce non-English languages? Specifically, I want my robot to speak Chinese. Chinese has a few sounds, sort of like 'dz' and 'ts' that do not exist in English. And intonation can change the meaning of words. Can the Speakjet handle that?
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Not sure. You can see the full list of phonemes available from the Magnevation web site - perhaps you can tell from that whether the sounds you need are there or not?
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Brian Dean
Hi Bob,
Neither chip is meant for anything other than English. They could do other languages but I bet it will still have an accent.
I have seen software to use the SP0256 for German but have no idea how successful it is.
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Kenneth Lemieux

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