Anyone get to go to Microsoft's TechFest? I am jealous. I would love to see the innovative robots being developed out there. Heck, I'm thrilled with my roomba robot vacuum. What other technological marvels are in store for us? Who's got the inside scoop?

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Anquetil Sharp
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My robot runs Linux, so I wasn't invited. ;^)


P.S. I like my Roomba too.

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Jeff Shirley

Trust me, if there is *anything* innovative at any event created or sponsored by Microsoft it was the Linux PDA one of the geeks was carrying.

Microsoft blows.

If you want innovation, use Linux, *BSD, or Macintosh. Windows is crap, and Microsoft has too much too lose if there were actual innovation happening.

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Microsoft is not into Robotics, just buying companys, NO inovation there.


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