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I am trying to get a gyro such as the ADXRS300, however since I am in Australia this doesn't seem to be easy. I can get the above gyro for US$50 from digikey, but that is a BGA package. The evaluation board would be better, but is US$75 from digikey. The eval board is only US$50 from analog directly. Analog devices have decided that they don't want to sell directly to Australia any more (although they used to, I have got samples from them), but the distributers I have seen have ridiculous prices eg US$100.50 for the evaluation board from future electronics. Arrow electronics have it for $50 but no stock.

Does anyone know where I might get one of these (or similar)? I have heard that Tokin gyros are good too but can't find anywhere to get them.

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Daniel Watman
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Try here:

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Guy Macon


I was wondering if its possible to accelerate the axial meat spit sticker thingy to on a deli "gyro" machine produce an adequate amount of centripetal force to achieve gyroscopic stabilizing effects. I can see the lamb grease flying now.


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