A stupid question

Why is it that I can go out and buy 100 pounds of mixed volatile fireworks every 4th of July and not need a LEUP but I need one to buy a APCP H motor reload that weighs far far less, is less combustible/harder to ignite then my fireworks?

Just wondering....


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Joe Policy
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Joel Corwith

You don't.

The variance is in how your associations (NAR/TRA) ASK YOU TO ACT.



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Jerry Irvine

I think that it has something to do with 1) the fact that you're American, and

2) you let politicians make rules//laws based on the emotional unstability of a vocal minority and call it Democracy. We have a similar problem in Canada. You can race around in 2 tons of over powered metal running over pedistrians, but you get fined $200 for not buying a licence for your cat.

*Your hard earned dollars well wasted*

p.s. >Why is it that I can go out and buy 100 pounds of mixed volatile fireworks

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Dancin Fool

The fireworks that you are purchasing are class C(consumer) product. Apcp on the other hand is classified as class B (low explosive), involving greater regulation.

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Dave Grayvis

FIRECRACKERS?! In Arizona, even sparklers are illegal. After all, some kid might burn his fingers, or burn down his parents' house, or poke his eye out!

Wouldn't want parents to actually have to take responsibility for supervising their kids, so lets just make it all illegal.

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bit eimer



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Jerry Irvine

We can buy fireworks in out town, but its a $250 fine if your caught using them.

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It is this kind of post on RMR that REALLY, REALLLY gets on my nerves!

Sheesh! The guy was just stating some facts that he knew about, trying to answer "Joe Policy"'s question. Then Jerry/Skippy turns right around, not even missing a beat, and calls him a moron!


Give me a straight forward answer, non-biased, as to WHY this must go on and on and on!

Thanx much!


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Jason Toft


APCP is regulated by DOT in several common forms as 1.4C and 1.4S and other lower classes such as 4.1.

ALSO it's DOT class has no relation to it's ATF treatment. Hence my "moron comment" which was accurate re Grayvis. I know because I have known him personally since high school.

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Jerry Irvine

That is not a reason for the stupid regulation, that is just re-stating the stupid regulation in different words.

The rule IS STUPID.

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The Observer

Goofus puts firecrackers in pop bottles blowing them up. He might put his eye out.

Gallant collects pop bottles and saves the money for his college fund.

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Ajna Cackovic

To be honest, if a parent's under supervised child is harmed, the parent has already been punished. However they should have no recourse to sue the manufacturers or event holders.

I wouldn't ban them just because they can cause harm if used incorrectly. Logically, that leads to a ban on most things.

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Darren J Longhorn

Which is precisely what the government has tended to do in the USA for the past 20 years. Then jail the parent for neglegence.

So much for rights or freedom, eh?

Freedom INCLUDES the freedom to fail.

Today is NANNYSTATE instead.


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Jerry Irvine

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