are all rocket completed seal?

are all rocket completed seal? how to eject the payload without the use of delay charges ( pyro power)?


by means of the electronic control the use of canister full of CO2 to thrust out the payload whenever it reaches the apogee.

is there any DIY apogee delay timer or schematics?

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Huh? Yes. DAGS

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All your rocket are belong to us!

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Alan Tuskes

Hello! I'm not sure what you mean. Your English is a bit uneven -- but it's a lot better than my Chinese!

Are you asking if the rocket motors are a sealed unit? Single-use motors are sealed, though in some cases it is possible to remove the ejection charge.

You can use an electronic timer, an altimeter, or other type of electronic device to fire an ejection charge. Usually this would be a black powder charge, ignited by an electric match.

There is a device on the market that does this. Check out

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It still requires an electric match and a small amount of either black powder or smokeless powder.

I'm sure there are timer schematics available online, but I don't know of a specific link to recommend.


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Here is some exemple of a non pyro ejection system.

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rocket crashed because the shock cord failed, but the opening system worked well. The electronics is in fact a small self made accelerometer with a build in timer and servo driver.

And here is another one (in french)

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the electronics that control the servo is very basic: a timer controlling a relay that switch between two resistors linked to a standard servo driver. (note that this rocket also crashed. The door unlocked but did not open...)

And finally:

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one worked perfectly. The electronic is a servo driver and timer made from a single 4093. I even lauched a two stage version of the same rocket, with separation by a servo mechanism.

Schematic for a timer (for ejection charges)

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even simpler:
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