ATF says rocket had "explosive charges"

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"When officers opened the vehicle's trunk, a hobby-style rocket that was
controlled by an elaborate system of ropes and pulleys lifted from a
prone to an upright position in the trunk. The rocket, which was about 3
to 4 feet tall and 3 to 4 inches in diameter, was connected by a series
of wires running from a homemade switch located in the front of the car
to a set of eight explosive charges at the bottom of the rocket."
Let me guess, eight Estes D12's? No, wait a minute, that sounds like two
packages of A3-4's.
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David Schultz
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Me thinks you're missing the point... "discovered two gallon-sized Ziploc bags containing a large quantity of methamphetamine concealed within the body of the rocket."
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I kinda hate to admit it but, back in the 70's I actually had the idea of launching pot loaded rockets over the border..........I was kinda day-dreaming...
terry dean nar 16158
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Allegedly. I've yet to see anything convincing to show it really happened. Jerry Irvine and Izzy claim to know "some guys" who have first hand knowledge but can't reveal their names because that would "compromise the source".
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Alex Mericas
Doesn't matter what the engineering facts might be, how ridiculous, etc. Listen to what the cops are saying in the story. Know there are people who take cops at face value regardless of what anyone with any sense says. That kinda PR is still another nail in rocketry's coffin. We live in a nation of hysterics, governed by politicians determined to take advantage of their gullibility at the expense of poor experimenters. -- JS (just visiting from rec.pyrotechnics)
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John Smith

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