Camera rocket auction?

I'm considering putting up a 2.6" diameter camera payload for auction.
How much interest would there be in this? Would it be better to include
a rocket with it, or just sell the payload? Both would be in a
near-complete state, needing only to be painted by the buyer.
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I guess it would depend on what the rocketeer allready had for larger rockets, I would certainly have a look.
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Film or digital camera pod? I'm looking for Digital unit. also is the lens backward facing or forward facing?
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Gretta Lif
It's film, 35mm, with a mirror in front of the lens directing the view downwards past the tail of the rocket. The payload is designed to descend in an upright position, so that the camera gets pics of the ground during both ascent and descent. The camera is an Olympus Stylus Epic, activated by an electronic timer.
Here's some detail photos of one I built for myself last year:
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