Cant we all just get along!

Please end this pointless bickering! It does the rocketry community NO GOOD!

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Rod King
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Hey you got any extra PCP? Why didn't you just lay down when the cops told you to?

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No justice, no peace!

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This is not the rocket community......

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Point. This should be in the FAQ.


My friend Barry () wrote with genius...

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Lance B. Lickteig

Good point Barry. These are armchair rocketeers!

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Jerry Irvine

Where I can see where you can say that for a some of the people in here. There are a number of people in here with enough knowledge to make this a important resource for rocketeers. Sometimes the bickering brings up points that should be addressed by TRA, NAR, the government or even other people in the newsgroup. But my advice to anyone that doesn't want to deal with the bickering is to learn what a killfile is or if they do find a tech post just read the messages that are within 3 layers of the original post.

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zak orion

They are a good lot, they do show up on saturday when they are counted on.......... ;-) (do I hear glass crunching?)

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Chuck Rudy

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