Centuri Pictures on ABMR

I just posted 20+ pictures of various old Centuri and Estes models
that are on display at the three Hobby Bench stores in Phoenix. I
gotta tell you, it was pretty cool to walk into those stores and see
the old stuff on display! You could classify all of these as antiques
Included are pictures of me and Lee Piester, both of whom are
antiques. Lee founded Centuri forty years ago and runs the Hobby
Bench franchise today. He's a really nice guy. (And Centuri is
pronounced like Venturi. Lee told me himself.)
The last picture is of a kit that I could not identify. Any ideas?
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Great Pics! Thanks. I think I identified it for you as an Estes SWAT. I have one right here that I built in 1990 or 1991.
-- Drake "Doc" Damerau
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