definition of orbit

or·bit P

Pronunciation Key (ôrbt) n.

  1. a.The path of a celestial body or an artificial satellite as it revolves around another body. b.One complete revolution of such a body.
[note this already qualifies Rutan] 2.The path of a body in a field of force surrounding another body; for example, the movement of an atomic electron in relation to a nucleus. 3. a.A range of activity, experience, or knowledge. b.A range of control or influence: ³What magnetism drew these quaking ruined creatures into his orbit?² (Malcolm Lowry). See Synonyms at range. 4.Either of two bony cavities in the skull containing an eye and its external structures; an eye socket.

v. or·bit·ed, or·bit·ing, or·bits v. tr.

1.To put into an orbit: orbit a satellite. 2.To revolve around (a center of attraction): The moon orbits Earth.

v. intr.

To move in an orbit.

[secondary qualification]
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