Good price on Mirage color-changing paint

I happened to be in K-Mart in Raleigh, and they had the Mirage paint marked down to $15, then $14, then $8 per set!

I have no idea of this is a widespread phenomenon or just this store, but I thought I'd let y'all know.

-- David

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Jerry Hunnicutt

Retail for $20 and going for $8?? I'm in, I'll have to give it a try here.....BTW....what does the Ice look like? I'm guessing fade between silver blue and blue silver.

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Chuck Rudy

You know, if you're in the land of AC Moore or Michaels, a 40 or 50% off coupon gets you that paint for about 8 bucks. One carries DupliColor Mirage & the other carries Krylon's Mystique.....both a similar 3-can set of color-changing spray paint. Around here (DC), MOST locations even take the other's coupons.

-- Richard "that & aircraft plywood are about the only things I get from them anymore.....& I never go without a coupon" Hickok

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Ok now, I know this is a dumb question, But where do you get these coupons for Michael's? Here in Portland, I haven't seen one yet.

John Hornsby


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Sunday paper. Either in the main section or a separate flier. Absent that (cancelled my subscription), they send a Wednesday mailing with a subset of fliers plus the grocery ads.

Oh, Checker Auto has had that paint on clearance in the past.

Joel. phx

So this past week, I had 2 Michaels ads each with a 50 and 40% off. Plus dual Craftmart (4 total coupons) and JoAnns. I was able to buy booster motors at craftmart, balsa at Michaels, and honey ignore those other bag presents at JoAnns.

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Joel Corwith

Here in DC, it's the same as Joel & coupons in the Sunday & Wednesday newspaper. Sometimes they're in the A section (national & international news), sometimes in a separate sales flyer, & (I can't remember whether it's Michaels or AC Moore) but one of them puts them in the Design/ Home & Garden section sometimes. They are/were available within the store, though now many have some other verbiage occupying the space that would have had the coupon. Some cashiers will give you % off even without coupon, depending mood, cashier, or that managers policy. Choose your cashier wisely. I've gone up there with, say a Blast-Off Pack, with no coupon, & if she tries to charge me full price, I give her "Man!! I can't afford that" & she knocks off 40 or 50%.Remember, they make minumum wage (or damn near it) & can relate. It's worth a try to save $20.00 or more. Around a holiday weekend, they generally offer the increasingly rare 50% off coupon & sometimes your 2-hour limited time window 60% off coupon. This happens even with your "lesser" holidays. Without a coupon, their prices are straight list price (or seemingly more). -- Richard "organizing rocket consruction areas today" Hickok

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Here in the CHicago area, they are in their sunday advertizement flyer in the newspaper.

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Bob Kaplow

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