IgniterMan used for Dual Deployment???

Can IgniterMan igniters be used for dual-deployment using a 9v transister battery?

Thanks, Peter

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No, IgniterMan igniters need 12 volt to ignite.

used Oraxals.

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I've lit many Igniterman igniters using 9V, including a few in the sustainer of a 2 stage rocket. But I agree that Oxral's are better.

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Alex Mericas

THe Oxrals and equivelents are designed for low current applications the Igniterman igniters aren't. Some electronics can ignite either MOST of the time. Some will only ignite Oxrals. I suggest you go with the Oxrals so you don't find out which is which the hard way.

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Phil Stein

I looked online for some of the alternatives like Daveyfire and Oxrals and the suppliers were requiring a LEUP. I guess that would mean that those of us out in the boondocks are out of luck unless we get the permit?

Kurt Savegnago

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