Vendor Appreciation Alert: Giant Leap Rocketry

Gentlebeings, when you order from Giant Leap Rocketry you'd best make
sure your mailbox door is open because they are QUICK ! My order for
the carbon / nomex honecomb fin blanks for my Level One project was
received, acknowledged, cut and shipped (with shipping notification) and
delivered in just three days !
Thanks, Ed and Kent :-)
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John Bonnett
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Yes I placed an order for a 48" Tac-1 and a chute pad and it was quick. 3 Days! I have found that "finding a good" website in High Power Rocketry is not an easy thing. You have to be prepared to be on the phone with "Lisa at Visa" to get your money back for those deadbeats that have websites that take toooo long to ship or never ship. Giant Leap is Great.
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Richard Smith Jr.
Ed Shihadeh and Giant Leap Rocketry support our launches as a vendor and flyer in Baton Rouge and Winnsboro, Louisiana and are tremendous assets to the rocketry community in our area. It is a huge pleasure to know and support Ed and his company.
With Ed's enthusiasm and leadership combined with several other wonderful flyers in our clubs (TRA-LA and SoLaR) our Model Rocket and High Power Rocket launches are safe, well supplied, organized and very well run.
Andrew Grippo
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Andrew Grippo
HARA, MC2 and BRB Clubs of Alabama and Tenneesee welcomes Giant Leap to SOUTHERN THUNDER 2005 May 14th & 15th !! It will be a BLAST !!!
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Ray Cole

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