lander challenge - why is it always last minute for me and contests?

from my post on yahoo groups
From: "Tater Schuld"
Date: Sun Jun 27, 2004 9:23 am
Subject: Re: Entries deadline coming up fast !
--- > Lets get those entries in fast !

> We will be driving to LDRS on June 30th, and those 4 places with
> prizes are still open !
> Art
well it is 9am, and this is the last day we have to launch the
lander. last sunday was too windy, and the prevous one we could not
launch due to repais/redsesigns needed by the first launch.
so, we have not had a chance to get a successful test. nor have we
had time to check out th onboard video. groan.....
ok, to its all-for-nothing, eggs-in-one-basket, bet-it-all, foot-to
the-floor today. battteries are charging up (12v for launch, 20 AA
for rover controls, 7.5 for rover power) lasty of the paint and glue
drying, last minute fixes being applied.
Geez, It's ugly....
and cheap,
and looks like nothing more than a non-rocket.
but. we got the engines, we got the field, we got the team, and we
got good weather. Rocsim says 1000 feet, although I wish we could
have it do less. rocsim says it is stable, but hardly any of us on
the team believe so( what if our mass is off the thrust line?)
either way, it is gonna make one interesting video.....
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