lander challenge Test Launch

time to the deadline is ticking away and Mars Club had Their First
test launch yesterday. we launched the booster and lander combination
with a mass payload equaling our fully loaded rover unit. further
rebuilding and designs are in process for the next week or so.
Luckily our advisor pointed out that we would not have as many HPR
launch windows as we thought
formatting link
is occupying
our HPR field) so we had to locate another field. Luckily it looks
like we have a gravel pit available (complete with mars rock-like
Please note I did not say successfull test launch, or safe test
launch. and thank goodness I did not say fatal test launch, or
ambulance, or CPR.......
P.S. we build out rockets too D@mn Crash Proof.....
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Tater Schuld
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We do??? Lets see in the last 8 months I ran over the fin on my "E" Cluster and had no damage, I watched as the fin section of my L1 attmept at NARCON launch pile drived into the ground from 2000ft with no damage. Personally, I think that is building them just right.(that is just my rockets, who knows some of the stories Tater has)
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Zak Orion
Please be sure to send in all the video of the test flights Tater !
Bloopers count points you know !
Art Upton
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i think we got it (zak, how'd camera work look?), please pardon the screaming and ducking....
might be the only thing you get, unless we can get a more stable design (which I think I got fixed)
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Tater Schuld
Just Because I had a fin rip off during launch does not mean I build bad rockets Just Because I had multiple prangs does not mean I build bad rockets Just Because I had many CATOs does not mean I build bad rockets
Note: the ambulance guys do NOT know me on first name basis, I have NOT had to perform CPR, the club Fire Extingguisher has not been used yet, and I still can count to 21....
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Tater Schuld

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