MDRA Launch Reminder

MDRA is having a launch this weekend at our sod farm location. Check out
our web page for directions
formatting link
. Launch starts a noon
on Saturday and runs till about 5 PM and on Sunday from 9 to 5 PM. BTW,
we don't stop for lunch..(:-)
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Wait just a cotton pickin minute - you don't stop for lunch????????
That's really not fair to the launch organizers, let alone the big guys in the crowd.
I think the MDRA BOD should have a vote on this important issue.....
Jerry O
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Jerry O'Sullivan
At MDRA, we don't stop for lunch, but we don't stop snacking the entire launch either. -- Richard "hoping the rain showers are brief & occasional this weekend" Hickok
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I just looked at the saturday launch schedule, you don't start till lunch, or just after brunch. It was a trick response.
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Chuck Rudy parents just sent me a picture post card of the planet Earth. On the back it said "having a great time, wish you were here".....does that answer your question?
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Chuck Rudy
Hopefully that's all it is. 8>>>I just looked at the saturday launch schedule, you don't start till
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Chuck Rudy

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