MMT Discovery (& 2nd discovery)

I don't know if either of these are already widely known, but they were
pleasant surprises to me.
The other day at the Safeway (supermarket), in the produce department, I
noticed some of the empty brown paper cores that had held the plastic bags for
putting your vegetables in. I took the 3 empty cores, thinking they may be just
right for a 38mm motor mount tube. I measured 'em with a ruler I didn't buy &
they looked very close. When I got home, I tried a 38mm reload casing & it was
a good fit. Though only 12 inches, they could used in some applications as is,
or joined for a longer MMT. They're free (& plenty thick-walled enough).
Does anyone know other cores ideal for our purposes?
The other discovery was after tightening down too much a (wrong length?) brass
Kaplow Klip & mooshing my 24mm MMT at the back end (at that point, still
pushing the envelope on Estes tubes). I cut a 1/4 ring from the top of a 29mm
G80 single-use spent motor & epoxied & filleted over the remaining good portion
of smooshed MMT. It fit perfectly! And it can withstand tightening down on
Kaplow Klip. -- Richard "now I make sure I use the right Klip or tape motor
end appropriately to fit" Hickok
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Very few people here (if any) may know what I am talking about here, but the Savin Corp.'s Gestetner copy/printer model #5450 uses a thin plastic-like disposable film as the template for ... I don't remember what it is called... the printing barrel... anyway... the empty heavy-duty and light-weight tube this roll of film uses is an ideal 38mm fit, and is about 12.55 inches long.
I love the nice sound my 38mm (Dr. Rocket) reload casing makes sliding into the perfect fit..., "shlewww-THunk!"
The casing slides in easily, yet it is such a perfect fit, that I cannot get a full perimeter single wrap of masking tape on the casing for friction fit. This was the first time I designed a rocket around a motor mount tube... it was just begging to be launched.
~Duane Phillips.
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Duane Phillips

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