new rocket site

We are DnD Rocketry we havew a new +web site up and running:
DnD carries electric match and igniter making kits as well as a launch
control system and our DnD brand cluster kits.Please check us out and
let us know what you think.
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John Karpich
Actually, he *did* post it above:
formatting link
Easy to miss, since it uses one of the new ".us" domains.
Nice site....simple, yet effective...and quick loading. Obviously, these people believe in the unfortunately too-uncommon concept of "substance over style".
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Greg Heilers
Dang!! *Very* lean, and efficient website. I commend your "webmaster". (I have already sent him an email.) Even on my slow-as-molasses, coal-powered, dial-up is quick loading. Viewing his code, it looks like he did it all by hand (the best way...)...none of the *crap* that apps such as FrontPage throws in.
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Greg Heilers
Nice site overall, but I find the white prices on the light-blue background to be almost unreadable.
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I agree. Make the prices black so they are readable. AKS
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