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I'm working on New Year's Eve. Here's hoping that 2004 lives up to its potential.

Until then, here's a couple of old emails that I received '99, from when I was optimistically looking towards 2000:

Hello Everyone, We just got our second order of Holverson kits in on Friday. These are some of the most interesting model rocket designs to come to market in the last 10 years! We are offering an additional 10% off our already discounted prices on all Holverson kits ordered before Sunday, 11/14,

8pm eastern time. Please visit our site and enter your orders on our online form. If you want to build & fly a cool design instead of just another 3FNC bird, these kit are worth a look! &

I have enjoyed launching the Edmond and Holverson glider kits this spring and summer. They bring new life to the hobby and well timed. The Holverson Tangent was great to build and launch. Doug has gotten back to the basics and has done an incredible job with the instructions. The instructions gave my daughter (8) a chance to do some of the activities.


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