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Evening all;

I hope that you're all well and ready for tonight's Top Gear with the rocket powered mini on BBC2.

However, here's a little something to make sure that the last few hours of waiting don't go too slowly!

Rockets & Things has just rolled out a brand new website! Featuring full online ordering and an ultra clean look, we hope that it'll help you find what you want easily and quickly.

We've also got a new website address, which is almost as easy to remember as the old one!

formatting link
We've been in a bit of a rush trying to get the website done for this weekend, so there's some rough edges yet! We're lacking a little on product descriptions, something which we'll be working on continually for the next week or so. We also can't actually take payments online just yet - you'll have to wait until next weekend for that - thanks to our bank taking their time with Merchant banking etc. No matter; if you're desperate to order a pile of Aerotech before the weekend you can still place orders and we'll contact you and take your payment over the phone.

Please, take a look around and hopefully enjoy it! We appreciate any feedback, and are always open to new features or requests for the website or product lines!

Kind Regards,

Rockets & Things.

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