Oracle video results

Well, I launched my Oracle camera a few times today out at Lucerne. The
video files are large (65MB each), so I'm not really keen on posting
them on my website because I'll rapidly run out of bandwidth, etc. If
someone has access to a site where they would like to host them, please
contact me offline and we can find a way to get them out.
Flight 1: Stock Oracle camera and rocket with a D12-5. Video captured
full flight, pretty good shot, you can see the SCRA guys as the rocket
ascends. After ejection, one or two frames that show more than the
desert floor, but on this flight, the camera stopped almost at the
moment of touchdown, so it is the full flight. Despite using more than
the 6-7 squares of wadding, the chute and shroud lines received minor
damage, but nothing preventing them from being used again.
Flight 2: This time I used one of my old stock of E15-4. This
particular one is a few years old, and didn't light the last couple of
times I tried to ignite it. I used a first-fire junior-ish igniter this
time, and you can see the first several frames of the video show the
chuffing as the engine didn't quite get going for a few seconds -- then
finally took off. Really good flight, but due to the altitude, the
video ends during descent.
Flight 3: This time, I decided to use a different base rocket, so that I
could try it on an Estes 'E' engine. I used a Blue Ninja that had been
modified for an E, and launched with an E9-4. The launch was beautiful,
there's no reason the Oracle couldn't have been made with the 'E'
placement for the thrust ring, BUT, the same problem with not enough
occurred - this time with (somewhat) catostrophic results. The chute
was essentially melted, but the 'tumble recovery' was enough to 'save'
the video camera. The Blue Ninja received some damage to the front
tube, but could fly again. The BAD part was that the impact turned OFF
the video camera, thus erasing the video!!! This is one of my pet
peeves with the unit, that it erases if turned off!
I should add (because I don't think I did earlier) that the video is
320x240, but at only 9fps for 30 seconds. 9fps is VERY slow when you're
wanting to catch a launch. I really commend Estes for the mechanical
packaging of the camera itself, but the fact that the rocket is not
sized for an 'E', that it's RAM only (not flash), and that it's only
9fps, make this a good (not great) product. OTOH, it's probably great
for the target market of RTF flyers who'd like a video of their flight.
One of these days I'll get around to taking it apart and trying to see
if anything can be done to resolve these shortcomings (such as more
memory, etc.).
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
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Thanks much for the report. Mine is scheduled to be delivered on Thursday. You experience has led me to plan to use nomex protectors and nylon chute in even a stock model. While just musing a moment, the question came up in my mind if you could connect two or more together and have them execute their "filming" in sequence. Jiminy Cricket I'm sure some of the electronic types will have it dissected and understood/upgraded in no time.
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Mark Daughtry, SR
65MB for a 30 second, 9fps 320x240 video is inexcusable. They're obviously not using any compression at all in the final rendered AVI file.
But -
If you have Windows XP, you have Windows Movie Maker.
Use WMM to convert the AVI file that into a WMV, and you can probably have a
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I'm not sure of your 'exact' question, but there is a mirror on the video camera, and I did NOT mirror it back when producing the video (didn't think of it, frankly, and I don't know if the WMM will do it).
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
Aerotech E15-4 motors have been around since the dawn of time. They disappeared for a while (along with many other AT motors) but they are back (along with many other AT motors).
Look at Aerotech website. Read catalog. 2005 catalog.
Look at NAR certified motor list.
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Fred Shecter
I know how they think. Since this one is set in stone, how about we encourage them to make a HD 30 fps flash version for $299.99?
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Jerry Irvine
(Big snip for brevity's sake)
Saw the article for the Oracle and I was able to find the link for a pen camera that might have better capability. I did see some impressive videos in foamy glider and a rocket but I forgot the site I got them from. I did find that manufacturers site and in hi-res mode it can do 6 minutes of video. Here is the address:
formatting link
Could be awkward to modify but it is indeed possible to do. I think this has better specifications than the Oracle but then the Oracle is purpose built to be put into a rocket.
Kurt Savegnago
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