Pictures of 'fleet'

I was thinking of posting some pics of the rockets I have so far. Are most
people really interested in seeing other enthusiasts' models?
If nothing else, you can laugh at what I have... :-)
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Don't post them here, as this is a text-only newsgroup. Post them on alt.binaries.models.rockets instead. As for laughing, I'm not planing on casting the first stone. ;)
Mark E. Hamilton NAR #48641-SR
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Mark Hamilton
No, I know better than to post them here. I should have said, "post a link to the pictures"...
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Instead of posting them to A.B.M.R., creat a basic web page and link us here on RMR that don't have access to A.B.M.R. to see your pics!
I love to see other people's projects!
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Jason Toft
Everyone has access to A.B.M.R. (the YahooGroup)
Some folks do not have access to a.b.m.r. (the Usenet newsgroup)
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter
Please post a link to your "fleet"
did ya fix the Ninja yet ?
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Jim Chambers

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