Project Rimfire

Last year I started a project I named 'Rimfire' and it's going to be the
Model Rocket I've built in a lont time. The last one this tall or taller was
a superroc I
built for NARAM XX and it would have taken superroc if the FSI E engine had
burned through the side of it's casing and distroyed the end of the rocket.
So I've
slowly been building this one, so far the top part of the rocket is some 84
inchs tall.
I would have had the rest of it done, but this trailer I live in had major
leaking roof
troubles during all the S.Cal. rain storms, then the water heater failed and
changing that I got bit by a Black Widow spider and the next 30 days had me
recoving from that and the high gas bill last month kept me from being able
to send
off an order for the parts I need to build the lower "Power" section, which
should add
at lest another 18inch overall to it.
But I have two little things I must figure out:
1. Which engine to use. I had at first figured to to use the Estes E9 for a
nice slow
liftoff and good flight. Only I've been told this would not be good if the
rocket was
over 6oz. Right now the rocket comes in at about that much My next idea was
still to
use the E9 but add something like 2 A3T's to give it a bit more push for
liftoff. I have
also looked at using an Estes D12, I would think it would have enough punch
to get
it up off the gound. Any ideas? I could rig a mount to take my FSI F7 and
like an A8 on either side.
2. Recovery: I didn't think about this to much before, it wasn't until I had
built the top
section that I saw I hadn't planed for that part of the flight. So I figure
I can do one of
3 ways to recover the top, run a line from the top nosecone to the base and
have a chute
deploy and the top hang under it. OR make a short line with chute and have
top hang
down upside down. OR afix a line from top nosecone to bottom screw eye and
have a
2nd line afixed in the middle with chute on it so it comes down level. I'm
thinking due
to size the shortline with chute would be best. The power section will have
it's own chute.
So what do you think?
This bird will be flown this summer here at SIAR-HQ on a good windless day.
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