need a new news server

Anyone else notice that (the old is now charging for their service? Are there any other news servers that are free, other than Google? I can access it with my local isp's server, but it doesn't get all the messages.

Thanks, David

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David Logan
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You may be able to find misconfigured servers out there that allow you to post for free, but aka was the only one that actually *deliberately* provided free NNTP service, as far as I know.

I feel that their new rates are very reasonable (only 10 euros/year), and their service has always been reliable, so I went ahead and signed up. So far, it works just fine, and my account was reactivated

*immediately* upon finishing the payment process. Good enough for me!

- Rick "willing to pay for good service" Dickinson

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Rick Dickinson

david: yes I noticed the same thing so I am now forced now to use the insightbb news server, although I also use the google news as a backup.....

shockie B)

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The net news servers have all been screwy for a while now and some of the ones that charge, are worse than the free ones. I wish I could recommend a good one but there isn't much difference from what I've seen. Pay for crappy service or get crappy service for free.

The best news service I ever had was through AT& T and it was free, but it was also dial up.


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This server is free. No binaries, but hey, it's free.

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J.A. Michel

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