Re: 4th july festival booth - a good thing

MARS Club, NAR Section 660 spent it's 4th of july weekend displaying rockets

>and talking to people who visited about model rocketry, HPR, and all other >sorts of things. hopefully we will get a couple more members for the club >and a little more publicity on the positive side....

Central Illinois Aerospace (NAR #527) spent July 4 at an airshow. We flew a few rockets (we had planned a pretty big demo, but high winds kept most of our stuff on the ground) and had a table set up displaying some of our rockets. We passed out fliers and spoke with a number of people who showed interest in model rocketry. Then we went out for the traditional post-launch pizza afterwards.

All-in-all it was a good day. We weren't able to fly everything we wanted to, but we did show off some of our stuff. One CIA member lost his monocopter in the field, but he went back the next day and found it. Hopefully some of the people who took schedules will come to some future launches or meetings. A few of them had rockets or had flown rockets at some time in the past so they are good prospects.


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Tate, how did it become missing? Do tell...

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sometimes pictures tell better than words

well, I had packed up the back of the truck with rockets,

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and could not get "space for rent" to fit without the rear door open.

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I had the silver comet on top of my mipower rack in the back and it must have slid off while I navigated a turn.

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Love the truck! I take it Tater is German for Bubba? You'd be right at home anywhere in the south with that truck and those bumper stickers :)


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What speed and altitude to you get to before releasing that rocket :-)

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