Re: Battle Park 2003: Visiting Dignitaries

For those who care, I'll be at the Battle Park '03 HPR launch in

> Culpeper, VA this October 31-November 2. > > I won't be bringing any rockets or product--I'm largely there to support > my main dealer, and chew the fat with rocketry folks from the area. > > People should feel free to strew roses at my feet as I walk around, and > I expect to be provided with a roving minstrel, vestel virgins, and > a platoon of armed noblemen, ready to do my bidding. Oh, no, wait a > minute, wrong hallucination..:-)

"Brave Sir Marcus ran away, boldy ran away away, boldly ran away...."

One wandering minstrel at your service, my liege!

Look for me, I'll be the one on my minstrel cycle....

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LOL. Thanks, BB. That was precisely the minstel I was thinking of when I wrote that :-)

"When danger reared its ugly head, sir Marcus/Robin turned his tail and fled.."

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Marcus Leech

I'm waiting with bated breath to fire one in my Stretched System I-roc. SS I-Roc to keep up with the GM theme.

(an I-roc turned into a magnum)


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Art Upton

Thanks, Brother Art, for your part in spreading the Gas Gospel. We'll convert the heathens yet!

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Doug Pratt

"The Gas Gospel According To Pratt"...

I like that!


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I am merely a messenger, attempting to spread the Word as brought down to us by the Archangel Korey, Saints Urbanski and Colburn, Saint Griffith, the Prophet Marcus and Brother Anthony of Cesaroni...

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Doug Pratt

Amen, brother.


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Jerry Irvine

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