Re: Ignitors for Deployment

Check out
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for igniters and ejection canisters for
Thanks, Kevin, but they're not Christmas tree bulbs. Christmas tree
> bulbs often have a shunt in them, so one burnt out bulb won't kill the
> whole string. That makes them test with good continuity whether the
> filament is OK or not. My bulbs are sourced differently. Not that I
> discourage people from trying the Perfectflite method, but you need to
> be aware of that shunt.
> We also have tested the Ejection Canisters with Pyrodex and other
> smokeless powders. Results, with video clips (some of which are pretty
> funny, especially the last one) are on the Info Pages at
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> Doug Pratt
> dad-at-pratthobbies-dot-com
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