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>September 22, 2003 >Web posted at: 4:03 PM EDT > >(ROL Newswire ) -- Within days of their 1st anniversary on September >16th, FlisKits has announced an exciting project that was the brainchild >of two of their customers (Jason Toft and Eugenio Cebollero, both of >Florida). The Tour de Deuce(tm) entails a nation-wide trip for a pair of >FlisKits' Deuce's Wild!(tm) kits that were built by Jason and Eugenio. >These two kits will follow a schedule of stops in all 50 states, >stopping long enough for a launch, some photos then on to the next >state.

Hmmm... sounds familiar.. BTW, where'd the "Alphas" go?


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Hi all,

This is a notice to let you know that we still have states open for volunteers!!

The states that we need are:

Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, Arkansas, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maine.

You may look at the map and say that there a couple of states that I have skipped. That is because the people I have signed up have not contacted me.

To sign up, go here:

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Then click on "Sign Up" at the top and see if your state is available!



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Jason Toft

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