ROL NEWS--Rocketmotion to Purchase Mojave Desert High Power

Rocketmotion Inc. to Purchase Mojave Desert High Power
March 1, 2005
Web posted at: 12:16 PM EST
BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA (ROL Newswire) -- In a joint announcement,
Rocketmotion Inc. and Mojave Desert High Power announced that
Rocketmotion has agreed to acquire Mojave Desert High Power (MDHP), the
world's largest vendor of model rocket motors. The announcement comes in
the wake of SpaceShipOne's successful X-Prize flight in the fall of
2004, which excited and inspired model rocket hobbyists.
Founded in 2000, Rocketmotion initially acquired a company called
California High power, and later sold its interest in that company to
Mojave Desert High Power in order to concentrate on its business as a
full line hobby dealer. Now, in a sense, says Frieson, MDHP is coming
home again. "I'm really excited to follow in the footsteps of one of the
greatest mentors in high power rocketry." said Rocketmotion CEO Larry
Frieson of Karl Baumann, MDHP founder.
Karl Baumann, who has owned and operated MDHP since 1992, will be
leaving to take a position at RCS Rocket Motor Components, based in
Cedar City, UT. "I never really wanted to quit the business," Baumann
said, "but my employment at RCS is the next logical step for me." He
continued, " I feel comfortable that Rocketmotion, and Larry Frieson
will continue to build on the name I've put so much into over the
"I think this is a wonderful move for both Rocketmotion customers and
Mojave Desert High Power customers," Frieson stated. Rocketmotion will
continue to cover the western United States launches that MDHP has
served for the last 13 years. "I admit I have very big shoes to fill,"
Frieson said, "but my company has the knowledge and experience to
promote the model rocket hobby."
"I am very excited to remain in the hobby as a vendor again, even though
this may cut down on my flight time", Frieson continued, smiling. "I
believe in our right to fly rockets, and am proud to supply Aerotech
(RCS) mid and high power rocket motors to every rocket enthusiast, for
the love of the sport, all the way up to the scientific exploration of
space and in education", Frieson added.
Rocketmotion's company name and logo will officially change to
"Rocketmotion - High Power Rocket Motors", to take effect when the
merger is officially completed.
Source: Rocketmotion Inc.
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when I first read this i thought it said
Rocketmotion Inc. to Purchase Mojave Desert *for* High Power
and I wondered where Burt was gonna fly......
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tater schuld

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