Save scale models from royalties

Just got this email from Bunny. It certainly affects us as well. Everything
from sounding rockets to heavy launch vehicles to the SR-71 kits could be
hit by licensing if we don't stop this now.
Look up your senators and representative and call them now.
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 19:31:06 -0500
From: "Mark B. Bundick"
Subject: [NAR_Sections] NAR PREZ - Support Scale Modelers
I received this announcement today from NAR HQ. Please visit the link
shown in the message, and if possible, provide support to an important
initative for fellow modelers
Cheers, Bunny
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Subject: AMA Needs Your Support Now!
Your Support is Needed!
Several full-scale aircraft companies are demanding royalties from
modeling manufacturers, therefore some of the modeling manufacturers are
discontinuing to produce these products.
AMA needs your help. We need you to call members of the Congress. both
House and Senate to voice your opinion. Go to our Web site at:
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for full details about how you can help.
Don't wait, do it today!
Joyce Hager
Acting Executive Director
Academy of Model Aeronautics
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Bob Kaplow
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Was not this "stuff" started because Tamia agreed to pay Ford a royalty for a Mustang ?
then all "crap" hit the fan ?
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Cranny Dane
Oh man! If that happens they'll clean the shelves and then it's look out Ebay!
They're out there... hear em' rustlin' roun'? Yitah... Neil.... Fred... they're out there I tell you....
Run for your lives! It'll be the rmr auction frenzy of 97 all over again. $10 kits going for $80! $50 kits going for $250! It's real, I've seen it!
Then the next thing you know... rmr T-shirts!
Hey Tod! Tod.... are you out there??? Somebody warn Kessler, they're coming for the chickens!
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The same thing's been happening in every other hobby... for instance, Union Pacific is forcing model railroad manufacturers to pay royalities not only on UP models, but also on models of any railroad that was ever merged into UP -- which is a lot.
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Wow is this a sticky subject. I am in the middle on it. So I cant say either way.
There is one way I am not in the middle. ANYTHING Military or Government or "massively" commercial (IE beyond the average consumer ie you and me are not going to buy a 747) should be absolutely royalty free in this regard.
BUT anything normal commercial level should be the same as everything else. its protected IP so I can understand ford for example being a little peeved that another company is profitting off there backs with no kick backs from it.
NOW I do think the royalties should be FIXED and REASONABLE and "non optional" (like ascap bmi fees are you can play ANY music you want in your business as long as you pay the ascap bmi fees and you can not be told "no")
These fees would NOT go to a controlling party like ascap bmi (that system is broken) they would go directly to the owner of the Property in question.
I think of it this way. What if I designed a car and I saw a manufacturer making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars selling "models" of it and they did not have my permission and I got NOTHING for it. I know I would be just a wee bit anniyed at that.
I also think that many manufacturers will probably give permission if asked with NO fee's
BUT "contract" type work should not be covered under this (Government Military Massive Commercial) becuse they lose nothing. they did not "pay" for those items. another entity PAID THEM to make them. Contract Work so to speak.
The Government can not hold IP anything from the government is Public Domain to the best of my knowledge and anything THEY CONTRACT is also therfore public domain.
So lockeed should not and as best as I understand CAN NOT demand royalties for something they do not even own. The Government Owns it and therfore its public domain so you can make models of it to your hearts content.
The "non" government/military stuff is what needs to be clarified.
Chris Taylor
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Now you know why the our ISIS, SHADOWHAWK, and TWEED B are not in the catalog as IRIS, SANDHAWK, and BLACK BRANDT (or BRANT) - pita...
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