Savitsky.xls: Altimeter/Accelerometer Data Analysis

This spreadsheet is a generalized implementation of the Savitsky-Golay
filter for smoothing, numerical integration, and numerical differentiation.
Its particular strength is in numerical analysis (especially
differentiation) of noisy data, but it can also be used to integrate or
differentiate data that are already smooth.
In the context of model and HPR rockets, this spreadsheet can be used to
analyze (vertical trajectory) accelerometer and altimeter data.
1) Accelerometer data can be smoothed.
2) Vertical accelerometer data can be gravity corrected and integrated
to yield velocity and inertial altitude.
3) Altimeter data can be differentiated to yield vertical velocity and
vertical acceleration data. With this program, altimeter data can be
analyzed like accelerometer data (though the quality of acceleration curves
from altimeters is variable).
4) Data can be graphed.
5) With flight computers, barometric acceleration, velocity, and
altitude data may be compared with simultaneous inertial data.
6) Data can be manipulated ad hoc in the spreadsheet.
A brute force differentiation macro (^b) is supplied so that the user can
contrast SG differentiation of altimeter data with simpler methods.
A gravitational correction macro is supplied for vertical accelerometer data
Sample accelerometer and altimeter data are supplied.
Available, gratis, at
formatting link
in the PC downloads section.
(Registration required. I've never been spammed from registering there. It's
an NAR section near Scranton, PA)
Also there, also free:
2DQD.xls: a 2-dimensional simulator using RASP.eng. Cd, altitude
backtracking capability. Optimal mass. (Recently fixed a bug in one of the
OVAA.xls v 2.6: Off-vertical single-axis accelerometer analysis (Yup. You
read that right.) Comparison with simultaneous barometric data.
Temperature-correction of barometric data. Recently added facility for
self-calibrating accelerometers.
(These last two require some installation because the solver is used with
VBA macros. Savitsky.xls requires no formal installation)
-Larry (Rockets are my hobby, not my business) Curcio
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Larry Curcio
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