Does "Import" not work when editing standards data?

I'm working "direct" now for a company now and am transitioning them to
SolidWorks from AutoCAD, and I'm working in SolidWorks 2005. Perhaps
2006 or the Beta of 2007 has the following problem fixed, but I can't
test that. I would certainly think that it would be worth fixing if
it's broken.
The Truarc retaining rings in the Toolbox are a bit of a problem to ME
specifically because my new employer (like many companies) don't buy
from Truarc. They buy from Rotor Clip which has basically identical
parts -- at least geometrically -- with analogous part numbers. That's
NOT the problem. The problem is to do with creating and then editing a
new set of standards data.
What I wanted to do was to "Create New Standard" (using the Truarc
library as the "Designed From" source) for Rotor Clip retaining rings.
Then of course I wanted to edit the standards data for that new standard
library. There are "Export" and "Import" functions available from the
"All Configurations" tab for each of the various kinds of External and
Internal rings. That's a really nice thing, ostensibly enabling one to
export to a spreadsheet, modify the data wholesale there and then
reimport into the standards data. The only problem is that the "Import"
function doesn't work!! It appears to work -- or at least be doing
something -- when you 'point to' the spreadsheet that has been modified,
but after finishing the Import function (without any error messages)
nothing has actually changed. The data is just the same, and I can
confirm that also by trying to insert parts from that Toolbox library.
For those who want to use this great functionality, that's really
frustrating. I have checked to make sure that the problem exists on
more than one installation, and have also checked to make sure that I'm
not trying to modify a file with a Read Only (or Hidden or System)
attribute bit set. No such luck. Does NE1 know of a "fix" or am I SOL?
Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
Owner, Watermark Design, LLC (my one-man company)
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Engineer, Profero Systems, Inc
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