Senators BATFE New Zealand Missle Men CSI Movie Makers

Forget about these groups and individuals for just a moment.
They will not harm you I promise. They will not banish your hobby into
the darkness. They are completely harmless but the Creature he will
swallow your world as you know it.
If you will just read this one book I promise you will look at things
in a new light and you will see how much is really at stake. You can
send money to the TRA NAR NRA ILA NBA PGA and any other set of
There are those among us that like to right letters to people who we
have elected hoping they will help, forget it if they have more than 2
years in the state or nations capitol they are consumed and lost.
This comes from a trusted friend, advocate and former Marine who was
elected by my district to go to our capitol. They felt him out saw how
he liked to ask questions drug him out back and told him how it was.
I trust Sen. Enzy about as far as I could throw him he may not be a
bad guy but I would seriously doubt he would change things if an
opponent said he was soft on "terrorists" He's not going to look soft
on anything that is popular.
I'm a member of the NRA what MAJOR battles have we won. 0 thats right
you can talk about 3 strike your out legislation and mandatory
sentences if you use an unregistered firearm in a crime. We still
haven't gotten rid of the Brady Bill and Klintons Gun Grab. 10 years
and were praying for the sunset clause to take effect. NOT A CHANCE!
George W may be a friend of hunters and sportsman but he needs white
suburban soccer moms to get reelected and they hate guns especially
evil Asault Weapons. He signed the Patriot Act a gross anti
constitutional bill that plays right into the hands of the Creature.
Fear is a powerful tool when properly applied.
You think these ortganizations would be strong right now if they
didn't have something to fight for. You would care less.
If I come to you and ask you for Tax Dollars or Donations you will
ask why? I will say to you so we can educat our kids. You will reply
but they have everything they need and they are full of knowledge and
grow up to be good people. I will go away. I will come back and say
we need more open space with trees and grass. Your reply will be but
75% of our city is coverted to parks and open space. I will go away.
I will then promptly destroy your childs education and cut down the
trees and you will beg me to take your money and spend it frivolously
until you can give no more and then I the Creature will have consumed
you. I will show you how bad people are who do not conform. I will
show them to you on the TV every night. I will take your money from
you buy the stroke of a pen and you won't even know because all along
you begged me to do it.
If you want to start to turn things around you can and we can make a
difference but it can't be done as Rocketeers gun nuts soccer moms
union employees white collar blue collar I want mine but you can't
have your cause I don't like it. It has to be done form the most basic
of human rights and constitutional aspects.
Read this book and you will see where we are headed.
The Creature from Jekyl Island by G.Edward Griffin.
The fight for ALL our rights is here and NOW.
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So the Federal Reserve System is the heart of all our problems? :-\
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Chuck Rudy
Is the grammar and spelling as bad in the book as it is in your note? Of so, no thanks. As soon as you talk about people who like to "right" letters, I know which folder to drop you on -> JUNK
MIKE wrote:
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Alex Mericas
It's okay to right letters, if they've fallen down...
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
Now if they were webols...
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
Mike F.
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Who cares, just so they wooble?
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
He's no fun, he fell over!
-- Christopher Brian Deem NAR 12308 TRA 2256 Level II
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Christopher Deem
I'm sorry it was about 2 am and I'm sufering from extreme jet lag due to 30 hours of travel. I'm no PHD I'll admit that but if you can't see it and don't want to see it than you might as well shut up and burn your rockets for heat this winter. It is not the FED as you know it. It's the FED as the book will show it to you and prove it to be. Given to you in real terms so that you and of course I the village idiot as you believe me to be , can understand. It is about freedom on every front. The first starts with taking back congress and turning it into YOUR congress and your Country. I will make one more PLEA for a few minutes of your time check out this web site read with an open mind and maybe explore. I am not a spokesman nor do I get paid for this I am simply someone who was given the info. I went and bought the book for myself. I was not promised a life changing experience or wealth and happiness. I was given the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You will have to form your own opinion from there.
formatting link
I will once again appologize for grammer and spelling to all of the doctorates in the forum who grace us with there presence and knowledge.
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Dog gonnit! Mine just wobble. I must be missing all the fun :-/
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John Stein
Fudd's First Law of Opposition
Bill "Shoes For Industry" Sullivan
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The Rocket Scientist
Need more vodka.
Joel. phx
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Joel Corwith
"Joel Corwith" wrote in news:vNHFb.1192$xs3.37835
Tequela produces a better wooble.
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David W.
Gin just generates kind of a wiffle.
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John Stein
According to my local news, Paso Robles, CA does.
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Jerry Irvine
I wish we could still get a local update about the quake from Vaughn Bros.
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I wish the Vaughn Bros. had an industry worth coming back to and where they could make a reasonable income again. Like the era of my launches that launched them!
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Jerry Irvine

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