Spacewalk tomorrow,... I think

Was flipping 2,000 channels and the ISS session on NASA (on Directv now,

376) indicated a space walk would occur tomorrow (Thursday I think) in the afternoon (4 something) Houston time. Wasn't exactly sure if the ISS 'show' was live or a recording, guess I'll find out tomorrow.

They said they needed to replace a component and talked about restoring a power supply. All I could think of was HAL indicating a component was about to fail,....

Joel. phx

Sorry, please resume the petty bickering,....

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Joel Corwith
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Heheh! "Open the pod bay doors, HAL."

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David Bowman was replacing the now-famous AE-35 unit, which keeps the main antenna pointed at earth. There have since been several movies that refer to an AE-35, as well as to the less-known CRM-114 from Doctor Strangelove. I guess people who make movies DO watch other movies...

I spend much of my time elbow deep in the guts of computers, and even there occasionally come across those numbers!

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Scott Schuckert

You should check out how often Buckaroo Banzai's "oscillation overthruster" has been used in various movies and TV shows:

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Dish 216 too.

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Jerry Irvine

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