I think we are back on

After AOL disconntinued access to the newsgroups we lost contact with
rec.models.scale. I think I have worked it back on. We are now using
netscape. Our e-mail is now snipped-for-privacy@netscape.com.
Tom and Lynne Young
Model Aire International
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So does this constitute a "test post"?
I'll have a Coors.
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Do you get binaries? alt.binaries.aviation or the scale-modeler binary board come to mind.
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Old Timer
Yep. I can hear you loud and clear over here. Welcome back, Tom! You've been missed.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Hi Bill
Glad to be back. House remodeling has taken up all of my free time. That and Lynne's hasn't had the tme to find our way back from AOheLL's dumbass move.
At least I caught up with some of my work. The MAI Super King Air is essentially ready. Sent the last payment for the Hong Kong decals today, the rest of the kit sits on the shelf awatng them.
Sent out ESM 72 Vol.8,#3 last week and #4 is moving along really fast.
Now on to the Ryan Brougham.
Happy modeling,
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I guess it's a test post.
Bartender, drinks all around, but bring them all to me.
I wish :-( Type 2 diabetes, like most of the adult male population it seems. No more booze, not that I ever drank much. I did like a couple of beers and a good Sabra screwdriver. That's fresh squeezed OJ, Bols Gin and a bit of Sabra, a choclate/orange liquor from Israel. Too sweet for most, but a delight to some of us.
Oh, and a bannana daqueri for the monkey.
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Tom, That has to be the best "this is the next release" segue I've seen in a long time. lol
Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
snipped-for-privacy@netscape.com wrote:
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Don McIntyre
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Sounds like a good swap.... (c:
Tom, good to see you back.
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Rob Grinberg

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