Super Big Bertha plans or fin scans

Hi there,
Does anyone have a scan of the plan set for the Super Big Bertha? Failing that,
I am mostly interested in nailing a scan of the actual fin set. The nose cone
and BT-80 tubes are easy enough. I looked at JimZ's site and Ye Olde Rocket
Shoppe and cannot find these. Rocksim files out there vary somewhat with respect
to the fin sizes.. I'd like to get it as close to original as possible. My goal
is to build one with interchangeable motor mount sets.
Len Bryan
CAR S620 L3
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Len Bryan
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Thanks to Matt Oresky for posting a fin tracing on alt.binaries.models.rockets.
Len Bryan
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Len Bryan
I posted a fin template as a jpg in ABMR. I finished a scratch SBB about 6-7 months ago and still have not flown it. I did not want to glue two 18" pieces of tube together with a coupler, so I used BT-80 from Balsa Machine Service
formatting link
. They sell it in 34" lengths. Wrapped it in 2 layers 2 oz glass to strengthen it a bit, and hide the spirals. I also installed a 54mm motor tube. (No, I do not intend to fly it on a 54MM !)I made my own quick switch mount so I can change between diffent size motors and/or combinations and clusters.
Hope this helps.
Matt Oresky TRA 7645 L2 Member I.C.B.M - Tripoli South Carolina About 50 miles from the Super Sod in Orangeburg!
in article, Len Bryan at wrote on 5/18/04 7:47 PM:
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Matt Oresky
I made one five years ago and then morphed it into a SBB Mean Machine by adding 40 more inches of tubing. I ran a BT50 stuffer tube the entire length and added expandable foam to stiffen it. On a G55 that pup stepped lively.
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Reece Talley
This sounds exactly like what I want to do with the kit. I planned a slightly different motor mount system but the same idea. The most I figured I would fly it on is a 38mm H motor with options of F101's and triple E-9's. I like the idea of the single piece of tubing but I have the BT-80 and the coupler here already. I have 2 oz. unidirectional carbon fiber to cover it too. It should be a similar flyer to yours. I also will sim it so I can see if the larger motor combos will need nose weight. If so, I have a plan for a variable weight nose cone to try.
Thanks again for the dwg. and the information.
Len Bryan CAR S620 L3
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Len Bryan

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